SUPERVOLT Electronic is leading Solar Street Lights Manufacturer & Exporters. We 100% focus on next-generation products. Our experienced R&D teams help us keep developing new products by using latest technologies, and keep the price more competitive, then to help our clients can win their market or projects more easier. In the same time, we stick to the principle of “quality first” and care was always taken at the beginning of production. So the products we made always with stable quality & performance.

• All in One Solar Street Light
• Semi Integrated Solar Street Light
• Solar LED Street Lamp Luminaries
• On Grid Solar Inverter
• Off – Grid Inverters
• Hybrid Solar Inverters
• Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
• Tubular Gel VRLA Batteries
• Lithium Ion Batteries / LFP Batteries
• Polycrystalline Solar Panels
• Monocrystalline Solar Panels
• Thin Film Solar Panels

• Key benefits that Ultrathon brings to its Clients:

• Better Accountability.
• Cost Savings.
• Better Efficiency.
• Quicker Delivery.
• Channel Visibility .
• On Site Warranty support .
• Pan India Deliveries.
• Boost Brand Image.


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