Due to numerous social, cultural and geographic factors, the Netherlands has long been attractive for entrepreneurs seeking to establish a business. Its relatively favorable tax environment is also an important prerequisite in the decision-making process.

Why choose the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe?

It can be concluded that logistics and geographic factors are just some of the important reasons for importing goods through the Netherlands. The choice of avoiding VAT pre-funding may be decisive for companies planning the route of imported goods.

Another factor that cannot be ignored is the level of response of different customs and tax administrations across the EU. Some take a rigorous formal approach while others welcome the conversation. The customs and tax administration in the Netherlands discussed this. It is recognized for its high quality service and proactive approach. Officials are also prepared to confirm specific arrangements in writing to ensure (early) determination to taxable entities. The Dutch government's responsiveness is a valuable quality and powerful driving force, as well as favorable VAT arrangements at the time of import. The company chooses the Netherlands as the gateway to Europe.

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